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Year 6

Friday 22nd May 


Good morning, 

It’s a different start to the day today, much greyer and it looks like we’ve had some rain! It’s certainly windy! 
So this weekend is bank holiday and next week is ‘half term’, that means we have come to the end of our Gallery Rebels topic and we’ll  start a new topic on 1st June.  At school, we are thinking about some of you starting back after half term, it won’t look the same as before, for the rest of you we’ll continue as we have for the last couple of months! Wherever you are learning, I’ll be here to continue to help and support you in whatever way I can. 

I’ll be putting up some of your galleries later today so if you want to send me your presentations then I can add them to the gallery. The ones I’ve had so far are brilliant. 

Have a good day 

Mrs Haslam x 


Sculpture of the Day 


Edgar Degas, The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer, 1881/1922

While Impressionist master Edgar Degas is best known as a painter, he also worked in sculpture. Degas fashioned The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer out of wax (bronze copies were cast after his death in 1917), but the fact that Degas dressed his eponymous subject in an actual ballet costume (complete with bodice, tutu and slippers) and wig of real hair caused a sensation when Dancer debuted at an Exhibition in1881 in Paris. Degas covered most of his embellishments in wax to match the rest of girl’s features, but he kept the tutu, as well as a ribbon tying backing her hair, as they were. Dancer was the only sculpture that Degas exhibited in his lifetime; after his death, some 156 more examples were found languishing in his studio.


PE of the Day 




Thursday 21st May 

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day, hope you managed to get outside and enjoy some of the day. It looks like there might be a similar feeling today.... many famous artists use the outside to create their art. 
Have a great day. 
Mrs Haslam x 


Sculpture of the Day 

Michelangelo, David, 1501-1504

One of the most iconic works in all of art history, Michelangelo’s David had its origins in a larger project to decorate the buttresses of Florence’s great cathedral. The David was actually begun in 1464 by Agostino di Duccio. Over the next two years, Agostino managed to rough out part of the huge block of marble hot from the famous quarry in Carrara before stopping in 1466. (No one knows why.) Another artist picked up the slack, but he, too, only worked on it briefly. The marble remained untouched for the next 25 years, until Michelangelo resumed carving it in 1501. He was 26 at the time. When finished, the David weighed six tons, meaning it couldn’t be hoisted to the cathedral’s roof. Instead, it was put on display just outside to the entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence’s town hall.

PE of the Day 

Thursday... time for the weekly 3 minute challenge.. are you getting stronger?? Can you do more than at the beginning?? 



Wednesday 20th May


Good morning, 

If the weather forecasters are to believed, today is going to be a hot one! If that’s the case get outside, slap on the sun cream, get the paddling pools out and enjoy the fresh air! 

How are your art galleries coming on?? I spent most of yesterday planning our new topic, it’s a good one and although I’ve enjoyed this one, I’m looking forward to a change in topic. 



Sculpture of the Day


An army of iron statues look out to sea from Crosby Beach, north of Liverpool, this is an art installation by a British artist called Antony Gormley: it’s name is Another Place.

The work consists of 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread over 2 miles (3km) of lovely coastline. They reach approximately 0.6 miles (1km) out to sea, being increasingly submerged and revealed as the tide comes in and goes out. Each figure weighs 650kg (0.7 ton) and is made from casts of the artist’s own body. To see them all together is an impressive sight.

The initial plan was for the work to keep moving to different sites (it has already lived in Germany, Norway and Belgium), but upon arriving here it was quickly agreed that the iron men had found their true home.

PE of the Day 


Have a lovely day. 
Stay safe. 
Mrs Haslam x 



Tuesday 19th May 


Good morning, 

Hope you are all well... it’s gone very quiet... where are you all??? I’m missing your messages!!! 

Sculpture of the Day 

Today I’ve chosen something that I think is incredible! We saw a tiny fraction of this in Liverpool... The Terracotta Army. Google it to see the absolute enormity of the art! 


PE of the Day 


Monday 18th May 

Good morning 

I didn’t put up the Painting of the Day yesterday so this week I’ve decided to do it a bit differently..... it’s going to be Sculpture of the Day instead... 3D work... 


Sculpture of the Day 


Bust of Nefertiti, 1345 BC

This portrait has been a symbol of feminine beauty since it was first unearthed in 1912 within the ruins of Amarna, the capital city built by the most controversial Pharaoh of Ancient Egyptian history: Akhenaten. The life of his queen, Nefertiti, is something of mystery: It’s thought that she ruled as Pharaoh for a time after Akhenaten’s death—or more likely, as the co-regent of the Boy King Tutankhamun. Some Egyptologist believe she was actually Tut’s mother. In any case, her mummy has never been found though recent research suggests that she may be buried in room sealed behind a wall in Tut’s tomb. This limestone bust is thought to be the handiwork of Thutmose, Akhenaten’s court sculptor. Distinguished by a naturalistic style that departs from the usually stylized character of Ancient Egyptian art, the bust was excavated by a German archaeological team and taken back to Germany.

PE of the Day 





Week 5 - Monday 18th May

Still image for this video

Hello and here we are again!  Monday already!  Time really is flying by - we've got just this week and then it's half term.  I won't be setting work next week so get working hard this week and really show what you have been up to so far.  Take lots of photos and send them to me - I'd love to see a few different children sending me some pictures of their work - some of you are brilliant at sharing - others not so good!  I don't mind what you share (if it's gardening or walk you've been on) I just want to see your happy faces!   


How are your sunflowers growing - surprisingly mine are rather larger than I expected to ever get them - I think my biggest is about 12cm tall, my next job is to get them planted in the garden.  Mrs Nicholls told me to do that ages ago!  Best get my gardening gloves on or I'll be in trouble laugh.


One more week for the art recreation challenge!  Anyone else fancy having a go - Emma's was brilliant! 


Also don't forget to look at the family science challenge page too - some fun ideas for Science to do on there too! 


Take care, have a good week - stay busy! 

Mrs Haslam x 



This week's work is found below.  


Week 5 - Gallery Rebels 



Don't forget the White Rose way of working has changed - the worksheets are below and the videos can still be found here: 


Year 6


Mrs Matthews Group






Your task this week is to prepare your own gallery for an important exhibition.  You are the artist and you want to show your work to some very important guests (whoever lives in your home).  You will need to set up an exhibition, with lots of exhibits of your work - try to make sure you have 2D and 3D exhibits.  You will need to give your exhibition a name - eg:  Suspended Treasures.  


You will need to: 

  • set up your exhibition (including any writing/biographies etc that you may have done)
  • write labels describing each piece of artwork, to prevent any misunderstandings about your work. 
  • create invites for your guests
  • create a powerpoint after the exhibition showing the art in position - people looking at it, any reviews that you might have had.
  • Finally – you will need to email your photos and powerpoint to me to show me what you have been up to – don’t forget to explain how you created these artworks – did you get any quotes from people visiting your gallery – what did they say???


Education City 

Also this week, please finish off any of the units in My Classes that you haven't finished yet. 


Have fun and stay safe. 

Mrs Haslam 




Friday 15th May 

We’ve reached the end of another week... you’ve all been super busy and I’ve seen some super work.  We’ve got a birthday in our house today so I’ve got a happy 12 year old who’s lockdown present is no school for him today! 
I hope you all have a great day and a lovely weekend.

Stay safe, keep smiling. 

Mrs Haslam x 

Picture of the Day 

Piet Mondrian is a Dutch artist best known for his abstract paintings. Art that is abstract does not show things that are recognisable.

Piet Mondrian Composition C (No.III) with Red, Yellow and Blue


Mondrian did not use a ruler to measure out his lines! He thought carefully about where to place the lines, like those that you see in this painting. Notice how the red, yellow and blue are placed to the side and the centre of painting doesn't have any colour. Mondrian often used colour and composition in this way. (A composition is the arrangement of shapes and images in a picture).


PE of the Day 


Thursday 14th May 


Good morning, 

I hope you all had a good day yesterday.  Every day you amaze me, it's lovely to see you working so hard but also having fun. Some of you are doing everything and more, some are just doing a bit; all of this is ok - try to keep going with something to keep your brain working!  Will did some fantastic Science yesterday and Aimee's colour matching was just phenomenal; all the work I have seen has impressed me.  

Reading - something that I believe is probably the most important thing that you can do - have you got any recommendations of good books that you have enjoyed - try to inspire others with your book choices.

I've got a busy day today - there's a birthday in the house tomorrow so I've got to bake the birthday cake - yum! 

Have a good day. 

Mrs Haslam 



Painting of the Day 

Hans Holbein - The Ambassadors 

This picture shows two wealthy, educated and powerful young men. On the left is Jean de Dinteville, aged 29, French ambassador to England in 1533. To the right stands his friend, Georges de Selve, aged 25, bishop of Lavaur, who acted on several occasions as ambassador to the Emperor, the Venetian Republic and the Holy See.

The picture is in a tradition showing learned men with books and instruments. The objects on the upper shelf include a celestial globe, a portable sundial and various other instruments used for understanding the heavens and measuring time. Among the objects on the lower shelf is a lute, a case of flutes, a hymn book, a book of arithmetic and a terrestrial globe.

In the foreground is the distorted image of a skull, a symbol of mortality. When seen from a point to the right of the picture the distortion is corrected.


*** Did you work out yesterday's painting - Matisse's Snail! Can you see the snail in the painting!  


PE of the Day

It's that time of the week - are you getting better at this?


Wednesday 13th May 


Good morning, 

Hope you are all well this morning, the weather started off bright and sunny but I've just noticed hailstones falling down the chimney!  What strange weather!  I managed to get out for a lovely sunny run yesterday which I don't like much while I'm doing it but it makes you feel so much better when you finish - exercise certainly releases the endorphins to make you feel happy. Oh - and I found the chocolate  yum! 


I've had some great Damien Hurst pictures sent in - Archie even used his dog to create his (he reassured me that the dog wasn't hurt when making his art).  It looks like you've had great fun with this topic.  We only have one more week left after this so get creating as much art as you can - 2D, 3D, using whatever media (paint/chalk/pastels/natural materials/household objects etc.....) you have in your home.


Painting of the Day

Today I've chosen an abstract piece of art by Henri Matisse - what do you think it is?  I'll tell you tomorrow!  Can you create something as abstract as this?



PE of the Day



Tuesday 12th May 


Good morning, 

Tuesday already!! Do you ever have days when you just feel meh 😑? I’m having a day a bit like that today, the news is confusing everyone and probably worrying some of you too... am I right??? Well it’s ok... it’s ok to not feel super happy all the time, it’s ok to worry... BUT it’s important that you talk to people and look after yourselves. I’m going to do that too, I’m going to do some yoga and then find a chocolate bar (I’m sure I hid one in the kitchen a few days ago!). 

Seeing your work and getting your emails always cheers me up, I do love my job and I’m missing coming to school every day.  

Don’t forget to log on to Education City ... lots still to complete on there! 


I’m still waiting for some of your hoodie sizes... I’ll email your parents if I haven’t heard later this week. 

Take care of yourselves this week, stay safe, keep smiling. 
Mrs Haslam x 



Painting of the Day

The Bedroom


Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890), Arles, October 1888

While he was in Arles, Van Gogh made this painting of his bedroom in the Yellow House. He prepared the room himself with simple furniture and with his own work on the wall. The bright colours were meant to express absolute ‘repose’ or ‘sleep’. 

PE of the Day 










A selection of work that was sent to me last week... this makes me smile 😃

Week 4 - Monday 11th May 2020

Still image for this video

Welcome to a new week - week 4, it's nearly half term - even though we have been working at home the weeks do seem to go by quite quickly.  Last week was a short week for schooling as we had the VE Day bank holiday on Friday.  We were lucky as the weather was lovely so we spent the day  in the garden and enjoyed our afternoon tea.  Listening to Winston Churchill's speech was quite moving and trying to imagine the end of what was a long 6 years, was difficult but easier considering our current situation.  


Your new work for the week is below - don't worry if you don't get it all done, try and do as much as you can.  If you want me to share your work then let me know - I'll put a gallery up in the week.  

If you live in the village and need another exercise book, please let me know as Mr Brown will put them out for you on his doorstep. 


Also don't forget to let me know your hoodie size as soon as possible so Mrs Carter can get them ordered. 


Don't forget the Art Recreation challenge - I had great fun with this and enjoyed recreating the two paintings I did - although I think my neighbour thinks I've gone mad! 


Have a good week, stay safe. 

Mrs Haslam x 

Week 4 - Gallery Rebels 



White Rose has changed their way of working so the videos are the same and can be found here:  

Year 6

Mrs Matthews Group


I now have to download the worksheets for you - they can be found below.  



Research Damien Hurst – what artwork was/is he famous for?  

Create a biography showing others about his life, his art and why is art was so sensational!





Create your own artwork in the style of Damien Hurst.  What would you suspend?  Would you cut it into pieces?  Or leave it whole?


Find out what the ‘Cut up’ technique was that Damien Hurst used.  Use this technique to create a name for your artwork using this technique. 




What container would be ‘best’? Why have you chosen this?


Investigate what liquid would you suspend your creation in?  Test out the best before you decide – would you use?  (salt water/sugary water/ oil/jelly/ water/ice).  Think about the properties of materials - eg:  if your object is metal, what will happen if you suspend it in salty water? 


Take photos to show your tests.


PE of the Day 



Friday 8th May 


it’s VE Day... today has been made a bank holiday by the Queen to celebrate 75 years since the war ended in Europe. The feeling to know that the fighting was to stop (not totally as the Far East...Japan... hadn’t surrendered yet) must have been  incredible. After 6 years, Britain was heading towards peace and the soldiers would be heading home. I hope you all listen to Churchill’s speech at 3pm and enjoy a lovely afternoon tea. 
Here’s a couple of photos of how we are celebrating... 

Enjoy your day 🇬🇧🥳

Mrs Haslam x 

Thursday 7th May 


Happy Thursday everyone, 

Hope you are all well, I heard from a few more of you yesterday so I think I’ve heard from almost everyone now. It makes me happy to know you are all ok, safe and happy. I left Caistor for the first time yesterday, I had a bit of work to do which meant I needed to go out - it felt really strange! I popped into school too to collect a few things I needed, out felt really strange... eerie! It felt like the building had been suspended in time - very strange! 

Today I’m going to bake cakes and decorate my window for VE Day... I’ve done lots of colouring, making bunting for our fence! Hope you’ve all got plans to celebrate too.  

Painting of the Day 

Today I’ve chosen some images that you may recognise... WW2 Propaganda Art

PE of the Day 

I hope you have a great day. 
Mrs Haslam x 

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Good morning, 

It's Wednesday already!  This week seems to be flying. I've had some lovely emails this week from you and your parents.   It really does cheer me up when I see what you have been doing.  Something someone said was that they were worried they hadn't done enough and they would be in trouble ... no one will be in trouble! During these strange times we'll all be doing what we can - it doesn't matter if you do a little or a lot - just try to stay busy and keep out of mischief! All we ask for you during this time is that you stay safe and happy.  Seeing people helping out in the kitchen (I think we'll have some budding bakers and chefs after this), helping around the home, playing in the garden etc is just as important as doing pages and pages of school work.  Every family is different - every situation is different, we understand and appreciate this.  Another phrase that was used was balance - a balance between work and play is vital in this unprecedented times. 



I've had some of your size choices - please get those to me ASAP so Mrs Carter can get them ordered - check your emails for sizing. 

Thank you


Painting of the Day 

The Hay Wain - John Constable 1821

John Constable was one of the major English landscape painters of the 19th century. He is best known for his paintings of the English countryside around his home in Suffolk. His most famous paintings include Dedham Vale of 1802 and The Hay Wain of 1821.Constable’s painting the Hay Wain can be seen today in London’s National Gallery. A house belonging to Constable’s neighbour can be seen in the left of the painting.

I chose this painting as it reminds me of my childhood - a copy hung on my grandma's wall and we used to play spot the ...... before bedtime.  It brings back lovely memories for me. 


PE of the Day 


Please keep safe and try not to worry!  Be nice to your brothers and sisters (this really helps your parents!).

Mrs Haslam x

Tuesday 5th May 

Good morning, 

The sun seems to be shining today so I’m hoping we can get outside again today. Surprisingly my sunflowers (well one of them) has started to grow, a little shoot popped out yesterday, 🌻 how are yours growing? 
I'm not setting any new challenges this week as I think you have plenty to be doing: 

* Photography science challenge

* Famous art recreation challenge

* VE Day bunting

Painting of the Day 

Relativity 1953 - MC Escher

Maurits Cornelis Escher (17 June 1898 – 27 March 1972), usually referred to as M. C. Escher, was a Dutch graphic artist born in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. He is known for his often mathematically inspired woodcutslithographs and mezzotints. These feature impossible constructions, explorations of infinityarchitecture and tessellations (means "like tiles").

Drawing Hands 



PE of the Day 

Have a great day. 
Mrs Haslam x 

Monday 4th May 


May the fourth be with you today! 

Welcome to a new week and I hope you had a great weekend. I was very impressed with the 10 mile bike ride that the boys managed on Saturday.  Although we've been busy out walking and biking  but we spent some time volunteering this weekend.  It's good to think of others during this time and to try and help those who need it.  


Your work for this week is below - but think ahead to Friday... Friday will be a bank holiday - Early May Bank Holiday - otherwise known as VE Day this year. This marks the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day, which was the day towards the end of WW2 when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe.  What are you going to do - how will you celebrate with your family.  Have a go at making some bunting to decorate your window. 


Painting of the Day

The Son of Man

Painting by René Magritte

The Son of Man is a 1964 painting by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. It is perhaps his most well-known artwork. Magritte painted it as a self-portrait. The painting consists of a man in an overcoat and a bowler hat standing in front of a low wall, beyond which are the sea and a cloudy sky. I chose this one as this is the painting that I recreated last week - it's a bit strange but I like the strangeness of it! 


PE of the Day


Have a great day

Mrs Haslam x 

Week 3 - Monday 4th May

Still image for this video

Week 3 - Gallery Rebels 



The White Rose Maths seems to be working really well, I"m using it at home with my children too and they find it easy to follow - I do need to remind them to watch the videos though as they just want to go straight for the worksheet! I wonder if any of you are the same?


Year 6 are looking at simplifying fractions this week.


Mrs Matthews Group are  working on multiplication here:



Listen to the personification poem - Stream School an animated Hungarian poem.  Beautiful lines such as; 'the mountain talks, the valley chatters the sky listens staying silent.'


Make up your own personification poems using landscape pictures.





Explore the Science of colour…. Find a colour wheel and draw it yourself – what colours are complementary (opposite each other on the colour wheel) which are harmonious (next to each other).  

Can you find harmonious and complementary colours in nature?  Go out into the garden and find examples of complementary and harmonious colours in nature, eg: red ladybird on a green leaf. 

Take photos and share them on Slides. 




The Surrealists

Salvador Dali – create a timeline of his life using facts and images found during your research.

What do you think of his work?  

Use objects from around your house to create a sculpture in the style of Salvador Dali. 

Friday 1st May  


Wow it’s Friday again, and a new month. Pinch punch first of the month, slip slap can’t get me back... white rabbits 🐇.  I can’t believe how fast the weeks are actually going! You have worked so hard this week and the work you have sent me has been great. Please try and send  at least one or two things to me each week so I can check your work. The art challenge is fun, I hope you will give that a go too... 

Next week I’ll be contacting you about hoodies sizes... Mrs Carter is organising the measurements so we get the right sizes ordered... find a tape measure in preparation! 

Painting of the Day 

Today it’s more of an artist of the day...

L. S. Lowry (Laurence Stephen Lowry) was born on 1st November 1887 in Stretford, Lancashire.

Lowry’s paintings often featured industrial Pendlebury and they captured scenes of life in industrial England. His landscapes are often populated by stylised ‘matchstick men’ figures.


A famous song was written about him... watch it here... I remember singing this in assembly at primary school!


PE of the Day 

Can you improve on last week? 

I hope you have a great weekend. 
I’ll be back on Monday, stay safe. 
Mrs Haslam x 

Art Challenge 


Museums are closed and the art challenge is set.... can you take on Paul Getty’s challenge... recreate famous art works at home? 

Be creative and use what’s lying round at home!



Here’s my attempt.... 

The Son of Man (French: Le fils de l'homme) is a 1964 painting by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. It is perhaps his most well-known artwork.



Thursday 30th April 


Good morning, 

How are you all this morning?  It looks like it might be a better day, the sky is looking much bluer this morning than yesterday - fingers crossed! 


I've just been watching the RAF flypast for COLONEL Tom Moore - it's incredible - 100 Years old today and he has raised 30 yes 30 MILLION POUNDS.  The planes have flown from RAF Coningsby which isn't that far from us.  Colonel Tom decided to walk in his garden, hoping to raise just £100 for the NHS, he's broken all records - highest fundraiser on Just Giving, oldest person with a number 1.  It just shows, there is no limit to what we can achieve - small actions can have HUGE impact.  I'm truly humbled watching this unfold in front of me!  I bet he says he doesn't deserve it too!  Happy happy birthday Colonel Tom Moore - 100 today! 


Artist Paul Klee said ‘a line is a dot that went for a walk’. This is often what happens with a doodle…you don’t plan to draw, your pencil just seems to wander off across the paper. This drawing is made from an almost unbroken line that makes a series of round-cornered boxes. The artist then added stick legs and eyes to make the shapes into a quirky character.

Why not have a go at taking a dot for a walk? Don’t plan your picture. Just let your pencil wander randomly. See what happens when you add eyes, arms and legs to your doodle.



Painting of the Day


Today's painting is by an artist called Paul Klee.  Paul Klee (18 December 1879 – 29 June 1940) was a Swiss-German artist. He was one of the most famous painters of the 20th century. His work was influenced by ExpressionismCubism, and Surrealism. He was also very interested in the theory of colour.  I've chosen to share this painting with you as I walk past this painting about 100 times a day as a copy is hanging in my hallway.  I love it because of the colour, I hadn't realised that it was influenced by African culture.



Senecio (1922), oil on muslin


PE of the Day


Hope you have a great day and I'm looking forward to seeing what work you have done today.  

Keep smiling, stay safe. 

Mrs Haslam x


Wednesday 29th April 


Good morning,

Yesterday was probably the wettest lockdown day we’ve had so far, I hope you managed to keep entertained and still got some fresh air. 
We entertained ourselves by being creative and became artists... Alfie found some old wax crayons  and we used the glue gun to glue them down and the hairdryer to melt them to create a wax 🌈. It was a bit messy.... used lots of paper to cover the worktops if you ever decided to do this 🤦🏻‍♀️. We also had a go at the chromatography experiment. 



Painting of the Day 

The Stonemason’s Yard - Canaletto


This intimate view of Venice, weatherbeaten and dilapidated, is one of Canaletto’s masterpieces. In the early morning sun, workmen chisel away at pieces of stone. Everyday life continues around them: a mother rushes to comfort her crying child, watched by a woman on the balcony above.


Painted during the late 1720s, this is one of Canaletto’s finest early works. He has skilfully described various materials and textures: the crumbling plaster, exposed brick, and rough timber in a subtle range of colours. 

I love this painting for the colours, the details and the more you look the more you see on the painting itself. This painting can be seen at the National Gallery in London. 

PE of the Day



I hope to see a bit more work from everyone today, have a look at what was sent to me yesterday... 

If you haven’t sent me anything yet, I’d love to hear from you. 

Have a good day. 
Mrs Haslam x 




Today’s brilliant learning...

Good evening... I have  a special message for you from Mrs Allan.... 


Hi everyone - I hope you are able to login to and use charanga! If you have any issues send me an email

And I can help you get started! For those of you that have been on already, well done I can see the time you have spent completing your tasks. 

I have recently added a folder which contains some singing assembly songs. After you have logged in, go to assignments and you should see the singing assembly songs. Most of them you will know however there are 2 that you don't know so have a go at learning them and we can look at them when we return to school. 😊 stay safe, 
Mrs Allan

Tuesday 28th April 


Good morning, 

Hope you are all well today and being inspired by the work that you are seeing.  It was great to see the new learning that you have been doing this week and I'll add them to the bottom of this blog so everyone can see how amazing you are.  


Will you be joining in with the minutes silence to remember the amazing NHS workers who have sadly died at 11am today?  We certainly will be as all those key workers who are working tirelessly to help battle this awful Covid-19.  The daily death seems to be dropping so fingers crossed this will continue - that is down to those incredible workers and down to YOU staying at home - keep going, you really are helping! 


When you are writing your stories, just remember to have a clear beginning, middle and end - don't forget to write in paragraphs and use those complex sentences and punctuation choices.  

The Expressionist art movement is very free and the style isn't as obvious as the Impressionist style, that is why I thought it would be a good idea to make your own collections on Slides so you can see all the different styles.


Enjoy the rain today - we've enjoyed the sun - now let's appreciate the rain - the fields are all newly planted and our farmers need the rain to help the food to grow.  So celebrate the rain - jump in puddles!


Have a great day, 

Stay safe. 

Mrs Haslam 


Picture of the Day

Leonardo da Vinci - The Vitruvian Man

Leonardo da Vinci is famous for painting the Mona Lisa but this is another of his famous pieces of work.  He drew The Vitruvian Man in approximately 1487 in one of his notebooks. The Vitruvian Man blends art and science and showcases da Vinci’s interest in proportion. It also provides an example of da Vinci’s attempt to make connections between man and nature. The Vitruvian Man is a pen and ink drawing done on paper with a wash over metal-point accompanied by handwritten notes. The drawing currently resides in the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, Italy and is rarely shown.


You could have a go at your own version following the video here:


PE of the Day 

How are you getting on with these activities - are they keeping you fit?


Hope you have a great day.

Mrs Haslam x

Fantastic home learning

Monday 27th April 


Good morning, 

I hope you have all had a great weekend.  Again the weather has been kind and we've been able to get out and about on our daily exercise.  Yesterday, we went for a 8km walk to the top of Nettleton; it was quite hilly but the view at the top was incredible - well worth the effort.  Even the boys didn't moan too much!   

Being at home has lead me to look at new things, things that I might not have had time to do before - each Friday night we've been going to the 'theatre', watching Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals on his YouTube channel (The Shows must go on).  These have been incredible to watch - the boys really enjoyed the first few - Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar and Phantom of the Opera - I can't wait to find out what Friday's show will be! 


I've honestly loved seeing all your work - each piece I get, I'll put on the website here for you to share with your friends - it's really important that you are able to get the recognition that you deserve for all your hard work.   


Picture of the Day

The Scream by Edvard Munch


The Scream refers to different versions of a painting made by Edvard Munch. They were painted in the early 20th century, and drawn using many types of materials. These include one lithography, tempera, oil and pastel.

Looking at this picture it makes me wonder....Why is the sky so red?  Why is the person screaming - what has he seen?  The two people in the background - why are they there?


Art makes me wonder - a lot! 



Today's PE challenge ...


Stay safe and take care, 

Mrs Haslam x 

Hello welcome to week 2 from Mrs Haslam

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Term 5 - Week 1




Log on to the White Rose site where you will find this week's learning.   This week you will continue to work on angles in quadrilaterals (4 sided shapes) and other polygons.

Mrs Matthews Maths group -



Choose a painting – any painting that you like from the impressionist movement (Garden at Sainte-Adresse by Claude Monet, Girl with a Watering Can by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte.   What story could take place in this picture.  Imagine you have jumped into the painting – tell the story of your adventures.  You can write it, type it, use docs, but please send me a copy of your story. 

Use this link to help you write an adventure story...



… in the blink of an eye I found myself in the most beautiful garden.  The scent of the flowers floated up my nose – I felt like I’d fallen right in the middle of the flower itself!  I heard a noise and I saw a young girl, she was standing staring in the distance, holding a shiny, black watering can.    Hesitantly I walked towards her.  I didn’t want to scare her.  As I approached her she turned and started to run… 

‘Wait!’ I called out, ‘I won’t hurt you.  I just want to say hello.’

The girl stopped suddenly and looked over her left shoulder and she started to cry.  

‘Oh, no, why are you crying?’ I asked her kindly.  ‘I hope I didn’t scare you.’

‘No, it’s not you.’ She replied, ‘it’s Mr Monet, this is his garden and if he finds either of us in here he’ll be really angry.’ ………..



Investigate how light affects the appearance of  objects during the day.  Set up objects and draw round the shadows every hour – what is happening to them?  Can you explain why?


Gallery Rebels - the Expressionists 


Create a collection of expressionist paintings … you can collect these digitally and post them into slides or print out and create your own sketchbook of ideas. 


Paint a self portrait in the expressionist style. 


Hope you have a productive week - don't forget to send me those pictures/stories. 

Stay safe,

Mrs Haslam x 




Friday 24th April 


Good morning, 

Wow it’s Friday already, this week seems to have flown by... maybe because you’ve kept me busy sharing all your work!

Today I’m going to have a go at the Science challenge with my boys... let’s compare results! Yesterday I went for a lovely walk with Alfie and we had to walk through a field of cows... that was fine until we saw the bull..... eek! Luckily he didn’t seen that bothered about us, but I was a little scared!  Last night, the boys turned out living room into a movie theatre and they treated us to a movie with popcorn, it was fantastic, they even numbered the sofa seats! 

Anyway, I hope you are all safe and looking after yourselves and helping your mums and dads around the house.

Painting of the Day 


Tiger in a Tropical Storm or  Surprised! is an 1891 oil-on-canvas painting by Henri Rousseau. It was the first of the jungle paintings for which the artist is chiefly known. It shows a tiger, illuminated by a flash of lightning, preparing to pounce on its prey in the midst of a raging gale. I love this painting, it’s on show in the National Gallery in London and it’s much bigger than you would expect! 



Have a great weekend and I’ll be back in touch on Monday. 
Mrs Haslam x 

Thursday 23rd April 


Good morning,
Do you know what is special about today? It’s  St George’s Day. St George's Day in England remembers St George, England's patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England's national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess. Could you create a piece of art that reflects this today?  

Painting of the Day 


I couldn’t resist finding a painting of St George today so here’s a painting by Paolo Uccello.

In this painting, Saint George taming then slaying a dragon is one of the most fantastic saints‘ legends of the Middle Ages. Uccello has compressed two parts of the story into one small and strange picture. The saint plunges his spear into the head of a dragon, whose odd shape mirrors the entrance to his cave. An elegant, if bored-looking, princess already has a leash around its neck.


Saint George and the Dragon

Paolo Uccello


Your work is coming in thick and fast and I’m loving it... keep going. 

Thank you for all the hoodie computer choices..: so far the results are... 


Blue -1 



navy -1

still a few people to respond.... 


these are the sample colours... 

Here’s  another little challenge for you.... 

Have a great day, 

Mrs Haslam x 

Today’s excellent work...

Wednesday 22nd April 


Good morning, 

I hope you are all well, it’s another sunny day, I hope it’s a bit warmer today as it was rather chilly in the wind yesterday. 
I’m loving all the art, writing, maths and science that you sent me yesterday.  Each day, I will put a slideshow of the work you seems me... If you want to remain anonymous that’s fine, if not include yourself in the picture.  

Picture of the Day 


Zebra and Parachute 

Christopher Wood -1930 


Christopher Wood (1900-1930) is a Liverpool-born painter who strongly influenced the modernist and avant-garde movement, even if he died at an early age. Zebra and Parachute is one of Wood’s last paintings going in pair with Tiger and Arc of Triomphe, with its exotic touch and Surrealist flavor. It is probably inspired by the style of Henri Rousseau.


I really am enjoying seeing all your work so keep sending it. 
Stay safe. 
Mrs Haslam x 


Tuesday 21st April 

Good morning, 

How did you get on with the new topic? What do you think of it?   It was great to see some of the work that some of you did over Easter yesterday, keep going, you’re doing a great job. 
Last night, we stayed up to look at the stars.. we’d heard that there were some incredible sightings of satellites in the sky. We got all wrapped up ... it was freezing... and stared at the night sky for quite a while. It’s been clear skies at night do the stars and satellites were clear. It wasn’t as clear last night so we’re going to go out again tonight and look again.. around 9pm. 
Have a great day... happy creating. 


**** Edit**** 

I should have said... each day I’ll post a painting of the day... this is to show you different artists, styles of art etc....they are for you to look at, talk about, do you like it... why? Why not? You don’t have to write anything down.... 


Painting of the Day 



Kilauea Caldera, Sandwich Islands

Jules Tavernier





Stay safe, 

Mrs Haslam 

Excellent Examples of work that I’ve had so far.

Monday 20th April 2020


Term 5 - 20th April 2020

Happy New Term - welcome back to the virtual world of school.  It feels very strange going back to school without actually leaving home!  It's a very different 'Sunday' feeling today. We are missing you all and I'm really sad to not be doing our topic together as it's a great one! However, it's so important to stay at home and stay safe in this uncertain time.  



This term we will be considering 'Is Green really Green?'  We are going to become curators and artists of our own art galleries.  We will become Gallery Rebels - going as far as our imagination will let us into the world of Art.   I'll put a picture a day on to the website and will write a short blog each day - it would be lovely to include some examples of the work that you have been doing on this too.  We'll also be looking at poetry and writing our own poems as well as being story tellers.   


Don't forget - keep sharing, stay in touch - you can email me, send me slides/documents using Google Docs and Google Slides.


Take care and keep smiling,

Mrs Haslam x




Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Term 5 - Week 1 




This term we are going to be following the White Rose Maths - this is what we use in school and it means that we should follow all units of work and not miss anything out.  I'll also add units to Education City for extra practice.  


Mrs Matthew’s Group


Year 6




Search the National Gallery website at:

Choose an artist to find out more about them – create a biography on Google Docs, include some of their famous artwork and explain why you like it – what drew your attention to it – don’t forget to use subheadings/bold type/captions etc. 




Is black really black?

Explore chromatography – if you go to there’s a great experiment - try it with different ‘black’ pens or even food dye. What happens?  

Don’t forget to take pictures.



Gallery Rebels - The Impressionists



Who were the Impressionist Artists? 

What techniques did they use?

What is your opinion of it – explain this….


Write a brief description of their style and techniques.


Create your own paining in the Impressionist style. 

Time Capsule - we are living through history right now.... take time to complete this Covid-19 TimeCapsule for your future self (and children/grandchildren) to look back on.

Happy Easter 


I hope you have had a lovely Easter and the Easter Bunny still managed to visit!  There's been lots of chocolate eaten in this house and we need to get back to keeping fit!   Hopefully you all saw our Easter message on Facebook.

Here's some fun Easter activities for you to do before we start back with our virtual teaching next week - new topic ALERT!  


Stay safe, and I hope to see you very soon. 

Mrs Haslam 





Week 2 -  30.3.20


Hello and I hope you are all well.  

I know many of you have been working hard and I’ve seen a few of your projects.... keep sending them to me... they really do make me smile! 

Please email me if you are stuck with anything, I know a few of you have done already and I have been able to help you. 

I have been putting lots of activities on Eduction City ... they have moved their servers now so you should be able to access it much easier than before. 


PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THE ACTIVITIES THAT ARE IN WEEK ONE, as I know these haven’t been completed yet. 


Get creative with your  eggtastic entries.... all photos need emailing to me by THURSDAY to be in with a chance of winning CHOCOLATE!


Topic - it’s getting close to the end of the war....Let’s organise a street party....

Home learning by Year 6

Week 1 - 23.3.2020


Although the SATs themselves have been cancelled, the books that were sent home ARE still very relevant to your child's education.  These books cover the learning that they will need to have covered before they get to secondary school. If they can keep this going they will undoubtedly be helped in their learning journey.    Focus on a page a day (little and often), Reading, Maths and SPaG. 


Writing - if the children could keep a diary of their time in isolation because of Covid19; then this could become a historical document that their grandchildren may be very interested in the future!   Each day write what life is like for a child during these difficult times - how are they feeling/how are they occupying themselves.  This doesn't have to be a lot each day, just a few sentences.  Just like Anne Frank did!


Reading - Please Please read - anything - just read!!! See the links on for audio books and other free online books. 


Maths - Please look at the blocks on the White Rose Home Learning - link below.


Purple Mash - 2Code, the children know where they are with this - they need to continue to work through the Gibbon and Gorilla sections of this - they may need to play the Gibbon games before they start on the Gorilla ones (these can be very tricky).


Education City - I have set up several learning journeys including Fractions, Grammar and Science - Light.


Topic - make a boat that may have had to travel across the channel to Dunkirk - float it in the bath, take photos and evaluate it - record how you made it and create a set of Slides showing the process - send it to me to see!


Take care and look after yourselves.  

I'm here if you are finding anything difficult.


Mrs Haslam