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Year 5

Week 2 -  30.3.20


Hello and I hope you are all well.  

I know many of you have been working hard and I’ve seen a few of your projects.... keep sending them to me... they really do make me smile! 

Please email me if you are stuck with anything, I know a few of you have done already and I have been able to help you. 

I have been putting lots of activities on Eduction City ... they have moved their servers now so you should be able to access it much easier than before. 


PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THE ACTIVITIES THAT ARE IN WEEK ONE, as I know these haven’t been completed yet. 


Get creative with your  eggtastic entries.... all photos need emailing to me by THURSDAY to be in with a chance of winning CHOCOLATE!


Topic - it’s getting close to the end of the war....Let’s organise a street party....

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Week 1 - 23.3.2020


Writing - if the children could keep a diary of their time in isolation because of Covid19; then this could become a historical document that their grandchildren may be very interested in the future!   Each day write what life is like for a child during these difficult times - how are they feeling/how are they occupying themselves.  This doesn't have to be a lot each day, just a few sentences.  Just like Anne Frank did! 


Reading - Please Please read - anything - just read!!! See the links on for audio books and other free online books. 


Maths - Please look at the blocks on the White Rose Home Learning - link below.


Education City - I have set up some fraction and grammar learning journeys for the children to practice. 


Science - On Education City, there are some activities linked with this term's Light topic. 


Purple Mash - 2Code, the children know where they are with this - they need to continue to work through the Gibbon and Gorilla sections of this - they may need to play the Gibbon games before they start on the Gorilla ones (these can be very tricky).


Topic - make a boat that may have had to travel across the channel to Dunkirk - float it in the bath, take photos and evaluate it - record how you made it and create a set of Slides showing the process - send it to me to see!


Take care and look after yourselves.  

I'm here if you are finding anything difficult.


Mrs Haslam