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Year 1

Friday 22.5.20

Happy Friday everyone!

It is the end of Summer Term 1! Can you believe it? I can’t. Even though we have been in lockdown, it has still gone pretty quickly. I am looking forward to receiving your presentations today of all the fabulous work you have been doing over the last 5 weeks! You should be so proud of yourselves!! J


Challenge: For today, I would like you to rewind your memories back to when we learnt how to make paper aeroplanes at school and tested how far they could fly. Can you design your own paper aeroplane? Think about how to make it streamline so that it can fly further!

Have a brilliant last day of term! Remember to send me your work! J
Mrs G-H

Thursday 21.5.29

Good morning! How hot was it yesterday?!

It is nearly the weekend! It is meant to be lovely and warm! Remember to put on your sun cream and sun hats and drink lots of water!


Challenge: Seeing as most of you have been taking part in Joe Wick PE sessions each day, I thought it would be a good idea for you to make a fitness routine and put your family through their paces. It can include any exercises you like. Think of all the skills you have learnt in PE at school.


I hope you have a fabulous day!
Mrs G-H

Wednesday 20.5.20

Good Morning!


Where are you all?? You have been very quiet this week, I hope you are all okay! Can you believe it is half term next week?! Today’s challenge involves movement!


Challenge:  Follow the link and take part in some ‘Wakka Wakka’ Just Dance  and ‘Happy’ Just Dance



Mrs G-H

Tuesday 19.5.20
Hello everyone! :)


I had some lovely videos on Tapestry from Reception of their amazing obstacle courses, they looked like so much fun!! I haven't heard from many of you in Y1 lately! I hope that you are all ok.


Challenge: As you were so great at building towers, today I am challenging you to build a den that can fit at least two people in. Make it as wacky and exciting as you can!


I cannot wait to see what you create :)
Mrs G-H

Monday 18.5.20
Good morning Year 1!

Your work for this week is attached below :)


It’s the last week of term. Can you believe it?! I received some lovely videos from some of you on Friday which made me smile! Today involves being outside - it is lovely and sunny here.


Challenge: Create an obstacle course in your garden – using anything that you think would make a good course. Make up your own rules and teach someone else in your household to complete your obstacle course!


Have fun! I can't wait to see the pictures!! :)
Mrs G-H


Still image for this video

week 4 home learning

Friday 15.5.20
Happy Friday Class 1!


One week left of this term! It has gone so fast. I have been so impressed with your learning and have loved the pictures you have sent me via email. I’m glad you enjoyed the yoga again! I thought that today it would be nice for you to make a video message for your friends/family.


Challenge: Using a phone, Ipad/Tablet create a video message which can be shared with family/friends/teachers about your experience of lock down/home learning/what you have been doing.


I hope you enjoy this challenge J

Mrs G-H

Thursday 14.5.20
Good morning Class 1 :)


I hope you enjoyed making playdough. I love making homemade playdough, but it doesn’t always turn out like it should! Today’s challenge involves exercise! But don’t sweat it – it’s a great activity.

Challenge: As most of you enjoyed the Pokémon yoga, I thought why not do another one? This time it is a Trolls yoga. Follow the link -


Have fun!
Mrs G-H

Wednesday 13.5.20
Happy hump day! (It’s the middle of the school week)


WOW, WOW, WOW – how amazing were your towers and shadow drawings? Some of them were so tall and looked so strong!! You are so creative! Today’s challenge involves a little mess!

Challenge: Make your own soft dough for model making using the following method. Mix 8 tbsp plain flour with 2 tbsp table salt. Add 60ml warm water, food colouring and 1 tbsp vegetable oil. Mix everything together carefully and start modelling.

Have fun – what can you make with your home made playdough?

Mrs G-H

Tuesday 12.5.20

Dzień Dobry (good morning in Polish)

Week 4 of the Summer term already!! I forgot to mention yesterday -  It was so lovely to see what some of you had created for VE day – such a special day to remember. Today’s challenge needs the sunshine, but can be done with a torch.


Challenge: Shadow Play - Place a toy on paper or card in a sunny spot. Draw around your toy’s shadow at different times of the day. Label the time on each drawing. Investigate and record what happens to the shape, position and size of the shadow over time. If the sun doesn’t come out, use a torch and put it at different angles to see if the shadow looks the same or is different.

Remember to send me your challenges! J
Mrs G-H

Monday 11.5.20

Bom Dia! (good morning in Portuguese)

It's Monday again! Your work for this week is in a document below :) You will be learning all about the Amazon Rainforest! The Whiterose math worksheets have been added below too.


This term is going so fast! I hope that you are all ok today. It really does make me smile when I receive your emails and pictures. There are still so many of you I haven’t heard from though! Take a look at what your friends have been doing on each of the class page pictures for Class 1. Today’s challenge is all about construction and building!

Challenge: Toppling Towers - Make free-standing towers using a range of materials including boxes, construction kits or recycled items. What is the tallest tower you can make? Which tower is the sturdiest?


I am looking forward to seeing your towers! Make sure you measure them in any way that you can J

Mrs G-H

Week 4 Home learning Year 1

Friday 8.5.20
Καλημέρα Kaliméra! (Good morning in Greek)

I hope you created some lovely bird baths? 

 Today is VE day so I thought that it would be nice for you to learn about what VE day is.

Challenge: Research VE day and create a poster about it or some bunting. Here is a link that will take you to a number of resources for VE day.

I look forward to seeing what you create and find out about VE day!
Mrs G-H

Thursday 7.5.20
おはようございます Ohayōgozaimasu (good morning in Japanese).

Wow! Some of you sent me some fabulous drawing yesterday! Well done :)
It has been lovely weather the last few days! I hope it stays sunny and warm. I started painting the fence again - it takes so long!
Are you looking forward to today’s challenge? I am!

Challenge: Bird Bathers - Make a bird bath using a shallow container and stones or gravel. Investigate and observe the birds that visit your bath. What do they do? Can you name and draw your favourite birds? The RSPB has a useful website to help you with identification.

I am looking forward to seeing all your different bird baths.
Mrs G-H

Y1 home learning and challenge pictures

Wednesday 6.5.20
Bonjour! (Hello in French)


How great was the challenge yesterday? Which Pokémon was your favourite? Mine was Charmander! Today’s challenge needs to use things from inside your house.


Challenge: Still Life - Collect interesting objects from around your house. Look for things like vases, balls, toys, fruit and flowers. Set your objects out on a table and use pencils or paint to draw them.


I can’t wait to see your drawings,
Mrs G-H

Tuesday 5.5.20
Hallo (hello in German)


Did you enjoy the challenge yesterday? It was interesting to see the difference in population sizes in the countries around the world. There are still lots of you who haven’t sent me anything yet, take a look at the Y2 images I have been uploading. They are fab!


Challenge: Today is a nice relaxing challenge. I would like you to take part in some Cosmic Yoga. If you click the link, it will take you to a 20 minute clip of Pokémon Yoga! I had a go yesterday! It was lots of fun!

Have fun!
Mrs G-H

Monday 4.5.20
Hola! (Hello in Spanish) Your work for this week is in a document below :) 


I hope that you are all ok and had a lovely weekend? I can’t believe we are into week 3 of the summer term can you?! Hopefully the weather will be a little better and warmer this week J


Challenge: Have a look at the following website if you scroll down, you can click on the countries to find a live population. I would like you to pick a country of your choice, create the flag and find out the population. Why did you choose that country?


Mrs G-H

Friday 1.5.20
Buenos Dias (good morning in Spanish)

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s challenge. I have had some great feedback and pictures! Remember I would like to see what you have been up to if you haven’t emailed me yet.


Challenge: Today I would like you to think about different things people celebrate including events in their own lives. Can you create your own celebration? You could use the internet to find photographs of different celebrations. If you can make a little presentation/draw/paint your celebration.


I can’t wait to see your pieces!
Mrs G-H

Thursday 30.4.20
Good Morning! I hope that you are okay today :)


Each day a new challenge will be uploaded onto your class page. Make sure you email me any pictures of your challenge and for those of you who haven’t uploaded to tapestry or emailed me yet please do!


Challenge: Choose a Brazilian animal to look at in more detail. Draw it and label the parts of its body. Write at least 3 sentences about it, including what it likes to eat and where it might live.


I look forward to seeing what animal you choose!
Mrs G-H

Wednesday 29.4.20

Hi Year 1!

I hope that you are enjoying the work this week so far! I have really enjoyed seeing all your learning to our new Brazil topic! Keep the pictures and videos coming :)

It's been very wet and rainy here last night. So I cannot paint anymore of the fence! I wonder when you go on your daily walk, could you do a nature hunt and then make a collage at home? Make sure you wear your wellies and water proofs though! 

Mrs G-H

Good evening... I have  a special message for you from Mrs Allan.... 


Hi everyone - I hope you are able to login to and use charanga! If you have any issues send me an email

And I can help you get started! For those of you that have been on already, well done I can see the time you have spent completing your tasks. 

I have recently added a folder which contains some singing assembly songs. After you have logged in, go to assignments and you should see the singing assembly songs. Most of them you will know however there are 2 that you don't know so have a go at learning them and we can look at them when we return to school. 😊 stay safe, 
Mrs Allan

Year 1 pictures week 2

Week 2 27.4.20

Hello Year 1!

I hope that you have had a lovely weekend, it's been nice and warm. I have been continuing with renovating the garden with Mr G-H. It is a lot of hard work! But I am enjoying it :) I have also enjoyed seeing what you have been up to and responding to your emails. I look forward to what you get up to and send me this week. This weeks home learning is in the document below. I thought it would be easier for it to be all in one document than be separate. I hope you enjoy what I've planned for you! :) I look forward to seeing your learning.

Stay safe, 

Mrs G-H

Pictures of Y1 work so far!

TERM 5 WEEK 1 20.4.20

Hello Class 1!

I hope that you have had a lovely Easter. It is a strange feeling getting ready for going back to school, but not actually going into school! I have really enjoyed seeing your work over the last few weeks. You are all doing an amazing job! I am going to upload a short message from myself to you all :)

Remember to stay safe.

Mrs G-H

Information about Summer term!

Still image for this video


Summer Term Week 1 20.4.20


This term we will be following White Rose Maths which is what we use in school. Follow the link and each week there will be a new activity to focus on. Make sure you only do it week by week to ensure that you're building on your skills.


Summer Term: Week 1



Carnival Poetry

Read the following 2 poems:

First time Flamingo

In Carnival,

I’ll be a bird and wear my fancy dress.
I hope that I don’t lay an egg,

And make an icky mess.





Samba School
Red ribbon, red ribbon,

Blue band, blue band,

Bamboo stick, bamboo stick,

In my hand, in my hand.


Steel pans, steel pans,

Samba street, samba street,

Rio tapping, Rio tapping,

Hands and feet, hands and feet.


Look at the features of both (rhyming words, repetition etc…)

Create a verse of your own for one of the poems.


Phonics – Practice ph 5 sounds and common exception words. Can be found here:

Also play Obb and Bob on Phonics Play.



Life Cycle of a plant

Follow the link to find out about the life cycle of a plant.


Can you draw your own life cycle of a plant?

Label it and colour it in.




Where is Brazil?

What is the capital of Brazil?

Find out between 3 and 5 facts about Brazil.


Write a brief fact file about Brazil, using the information you have found. 


Can you locate Brazil and the capital on a map?

Can you draw the country from a map and label its human/physical features?

Capital, rainforest, rivers, landmarks etc…

What might it be like to live there?

Week 2 30.3.20


Hi Year 1! 

It has been lovely to hear from some of you over the last week. I hope that you have settled into your new home-learning and enjoying learning with your siblings/grown ups. Here are some activities I have set for this week :)



Below, there is a POWERPOINT called Kims game. Please have a go at this. It focuses on Ph4 sounds. You will need to look at the images and have a go at spelling the word of the missing picture. Perhaps you could set up a competition between your siblings or grown ups in your house?

Please continue to practice sounds and words from  phase 2,3,4 and 5 sounds and words. Remember to use your free login for Phonics Play.



I would like you to come up with different events that happen in Jack and the Beanstalk. For example: Jack being the bad character and the giant being a good character, the giant stealing from Jack etc. I look forward to reading these :)

Continue with your diary writing.



This week I would like you to focus on capacity and measuring mass. I have included a link which has clips and activities for you. Please focus on WEEK 1. I would love to see what you get up to via email. 



Read daily, whether it is a story book fiction or non-fiction, a magazine, newspaper... Reading is vital and very important. See the links on

You will find all sorts to read :) Try and read a little each day.



On Education City there are some activities linked to common plants and tomato plantsfor you to complete. What plants can you see/draw/label in or outside of your house?


I look forward to hearing from you throughout the week :)

Stay safe.

Mrs G-H

Phase 4 Phonics: Kim's game

Week 1 23.3.20


Hi Year 1! I hope that you have had a fab weekend. I have set some activities for you to do this week.



I have uploaded a phonics login and password on the
Please practice from  phase 2,3,4 and 5 sounds and words. Have a go at buried treasure this week too.



If you complete the activities from the maths grid that I send home with you in your books. Pick between 1-3 to complete each day this week. 

White Rose Maths - see the link below for some amazing resources which support the way we teach maths in school.



I would like you to write a character description about Jack or the Giant from 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Remember to use all of your WOW words to describe and think about their appearance and personality. Remember you can describe where they live too. Be imaginative. You can send me these on  my email. I look forward to seeing them! :)

I would also like you to start a diary about your time at home (daily entry) - this will be a period in history that will be talked about for years to come and if you have your diary entries you will be able to look back on this experience when you are older.



Read daily, whether it is a story book fiction or non-fiction, a magazine, newspaper... Reading is vital and very important. See the links on You will find all sorts to read :)



Research Richard III (if you go on the link for a TWINKL login on shared resources, you will find a PPT about him). What can you find out about him? Create a fact file about him.



As we have started looking and learning about plants, on Education City there are some activities linked to this for you to complete. Go outside - find a daffodil - can you name the parts of the plant?


Remember, if you are stuck with anything email me. Stay safe :)

Mrs G-H x