Welcome to Tealby School. We are a distinctive primary school in the Lincolnshire Wolds village of Tealby. We hope you enjoy looking at our website
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Enjoy, learn and achieve together

The six key skills of the national curriculum feature highly in our teaching because we believe they are essential for effective learning:



Communication involves speaking and listening, reading and writing. Opportunities are provided within English lessons in particular, but children are encouraged to use all these skills right across the curriculum.


Application of number

This key skill involves developing a range of mental calculation strategies and using a wide variety of mathematical language. Children are given the opportunity to use and apply these skills across different subject areas and solve real life problems within a range of meaningful contexts.


Information technology

In our ever-changing world we need to ensure that our children have the ability to use a range of information sources and ICT tools to find, analyse, interpret, evaluate and present information for a whole range of purposes right across the curriculum.


Working with others

Working with others includes the skills necessary to contribute to small group and whole class discussions and to work effectively with others to meet a challenge. All subject areas provide opportunities for children to share experiences and benefit from what other people think, say and do.


Improving own learning and performance

This is a vital skill that involves children reflecting upon and critically evaluating their own learning. It also challenges children to figure out how they can improve their own learning.


Problem Solving

Problem solving involves the children in developing skills and strategies to help them solve problems they will encounter in learning and life. Children will have the opportunity to respond to the challenge of problems and to plan, test, modify and review progress to achieve particular outcomes