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Our learning

This week’s star and value and Mrs Humberstone’s headteacher star.

Our work and snow fun!

Some of our Stone Age work this week.

Some of class two's bird feeders

Class 2: Our Pre-historic lockdown work

Congratulations to Charles, our star of the week and Ivy for showing our value of excellence. We were also lucky enough to have Phoebe win Mrs Humberstone’s head teacher award. Well done everyone!

This week we have been working hard trying to understand money. We had lots coins out and were trying to make different amounts.

In Guided Reading, the children read a book called 'Starry Eyed Stan'. As a challenge they had to come up with another name for the book and an even better front cover than the original!

We have been debating an important topic in writing this week.

We have been enjoying our new Usborne books this week!

We have also been practising our coding skills this week.

We have been learning how to use a thesaurus this week to uplevel our sentences.

In Geography this week, we learnt all about the rainforests of the world and so the children put their knowledge into designing their own rainforest.

Class 2 created a Zoo suitable for visitors with their own cafe, children's play area and exciting exhibits.

We have been learning about The Ancient Egyptians in our History topic. We had a go and drawing our own observational drawings of Tutankhamun and researching facts about him.

Determination shown through the use of Mathematics challenges cards!

This term we are learning all about being a 'Street Detective!'

A special visitor to talk about Tealby from the past!

World Book Day!

Conducting traffic surveys and creating graphs from the data!

Being street detectives of Tealby!

This term, we are studying 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures!' We have based our topic on George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.

Lab Rascals Day

Scientific experiment to test which product created the best bubbles!

More home learning projects!

Experimenting with Clay!

Extending our learning through Homework. The children were given a list of starting ideas and the response we have had back in phenomenal! Well done to all the children.

Exploring sharing in Mathematics.

in Science, we looked at adding water to different materials and the effect this would have. We used oil, shaving foam, clay, sugar, salt, flour and cornflour.

Look at our amazing recipe writing!

Marble Art Painting!

Designing and creating using the inspiration of 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures' and 'George's Marvellous Medicine

Taking Mathematics outdoor- measuring potions and using Mathematical language to describe!

Word Art creating from our favourite words or phrases from George's poem in Chapter 2 of 'George's Marvellous Medicine!'

Our interpretation of Grandma and George from 'George's Marvellous Medicine!"

Muck, Mess and Mixture Introduction to Topic Day

This term, we are studying 'Gods and Mortals.'

Amazing inspiration from a child during Gods and Mortals topic! The story of Icarus and Daedalus told in Lego!

This term, we are studying 'Tribal Tales - The Stone Age to The Iron Age.'

Class 2's Trip to Creswell Crags!

Making underwater creatures in Art and design.

Class 2 celebrating the Royal Wedding in style!

Class 2 started design and technology this morning, designing The Iron Man a friend!

Fantastic narrative writing based on The Iron Man!

The Iron Man art work!

In aid of Mental Health Awareness week, Class 2 have learnt all about the importance of looking after our mental health. We also looked at different activities we can do to boost our happiness!