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Year 2 in the woods for forest school

Year 2 have their turn in the woods this term. It’s only the second time they have been but there was some excellent recall of our safety rules and how to behave in the woodland environment. As always, we started with shelter building and fire making.

The children split into two groups-boys and girls- they were given help to set up the frame of the shelter, instruction on what to do and off they went. Some really good teamwork, especially from the boys. The girls made a very neat job of their construction and after a lot of hard work, both teams had a really good shelter. 
Fire lighting next. We say it every time, but this really isn’t as easy as Maria makes it look. However, all children has successfully lit their cotton wool by hometime. We will build on this over the next few weeks.

It was so cold in the woods, but the children did very well, worked hard and achieved a lot. Well done Year 2.