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Forest school Y4

It is Year 4s turn in the woods, after a quick reminder of woodland safety rules, we headed off for a look around the shelter demonstration area. It was good to see the shelters that this year group made last time are still standing strong. 
Independent shelter making in the morning. By Y4, they have done this a few times, so they are able to get on and usually work out how best to make an effective shelter. 
After dinner, it was fire making. We start out now just lighting cotton wool, so every child has chance to light a fire. It’s harder than it sounds. Some of the group managed really well but the ones who found it harder persevered and eventually everyone made fire. After a quick reminder of the fire safety rules, we split into 2 groups and both groups made a lovely fire. Well done to Y4. These are important skills to learn.

We observed a minutes silence around the main fire for Armistice Day.