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Fire in the forest!

Year One were  in the woods again today and after our successful shelter building last week, this week we learnt all about fire.

Starting as we mean to go on, the first part of learning about fire is to practice the fire position. This is the safe way to sit next to any fire and the children all managed it easily. Next is to learn how to make sparks using fire steels. This really isn’t as easy as it sounds, but our Y1 group don’t mess around and they were all able to make good strong sparks. We moved onto making flames using cotton wool. Again, everyone achieved this easily. We have often stopped at this point but this great group proved they could go further. 
After a quick fire demo, and an explanation of the fire rules, we went to collect sticks then after dinner and a play, we got on with making a proper fire.

This group just manage everything we ask them to do and once again they have, as a group, made good fires, following the rules and showing great fire safety.

A couple of games of Eagle Eye finished our busy day off. Well done Year One.