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Bull roaring in the woods

Today we made bullroarers! Before we could start we had to go and saw down a tree. Once that was done, a bit of teamwork was needed for the group to carry the part we needed back to the parachute. 
Matthew split the wood into pieces for us and after a knife safety recap, we set to work. First job was to make the hole at the top. This is never easy, but we all managed eventually. Carving wood is hard work. Some needed more help than others and after a while we had a break and the children went to play Eagle Eye. After dinner we got back to work, starting with the task of slicing and gutting some mackerel. We went back to our wood whittling, finished the shaping, got the string through and began bull roaring. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is an ancient form of communication( think Crocodile Dundee!). It makes a great sound once you get the hang of it.

Finally, those who wanted to got to try the mackerel. Lots came back for seconds…and thirds! A lovely end to Year 2’s time in the forest.