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A busy day in the woods.

We had a really busy day today in the beautiful, green and sunny woods. 
After reminding ourselves and telling Miss Brown the safety rules, the children were able to take us straight to our shelter that was built last week. It’s still looking good and the children were rightly proud of it. Back to the camp, we realised there was no fire! Matthew showed us how to light an ember using the friction method of a bow drill and then putting the embers into dried goose grass, we soon had a roaring fire. We set to and cooked bacon on sticks for a breakfast bun. Very tasty, and not as easy to cook as you may think!

We then had to take a walk to stick land…can you guess what for? Once enough sticks were collected we went back to learn how to make a real fire for ourselves. The children were split into two groups and everyone achieved fire by dinner time.

After dinner we started on knife skills. The children were really attentive in the safety talk and all followed every instruction until they all had a wooden knife to take home and show.

Once again, Year 1 did themselves and us proud. Well done to everyone.