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54321 sensory Shinrin Yoku with C2

Today we were lucky enough to get some sunshine so we headed over to the field and made ourselves comfy in the roundhouse. We practiced the milkshake breathing that we learnt last week, this time without the milkshake! Everyone closed their eyes, enjoyed the quiet and the warmth and just breathed.

Next we talked about our senses. The class were asked, without moving from their logs, to find 5 things to touch. They found bark, the matting, leaves, blossom petals, clothing rough wood and smooth poles. We moved onto 4 sights. These included all of the above plus grass, houses, trees, birds and our school. Sound came next, and they were asked to find 3 things to listen to. We got birdsong, cars, children, the PE coach leaves rustling and a dog barking. Onto smells, they needed just 2. We tore up grass, smelt the bark shavings, a leafy plant(which smelt different from one end to the other) and wood. They were interested to find out what taste would be. Here we moved onto the next activity, Mindfulness Chocolate. The art of very slowly taking note of a piece of chocolate, observing it, touching it, smelling it before tasting it…no chewing allowed for a start! Most of the children seemed to enjoy the sense of taste in this session. Well done Class 2.