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***NEW*** Family Science Challenge



Welcome to the Family Science Challenge.  Each week we will be putting up a challenge for you to work on as a family - anyone can join in and there are options that make each challenge easier or harder.  We've chosen challenges that need minimal resources so everyone can join in.  Most importantly HAVE FUN!  Science is about having a go - getting it wrong, having another go - Einstein did not get his results the first time... perseverance and persistence is a skill every famous scientist needs. 


Have fun and please send us any photos of the family Science fun.  


I'm going get my boys to have a go and I'll post these pictures up too.


Take care and stay safe, 

Mrs Haslam 

Science Week 5: Enquiry Type -Research


It is important to eat the right amounts of a variety of different food types. Look in

your kitchen to find out what different types of food you can find.




Sunflower Timelapse


Over the weekend I set a timelapse video going... I wondered if plants moved.... this is what I found out.... it looked like it v was dancing.. in actual fact it was looking for the sun. Can you also see how the shadows change over the day too... If you look carefully you can see the plant in the clear plastic cup actually getting a little bit bigger... 


Still image for this video

Science Week 4: Enquiry Type - Identifying and Classifying



Select at least 10-15 random objects in your house. Consider how they are similar and

how they are different to each other.




Science Week 3 - Nature Challenge 


This week the challenge is slightly different:



The nature shot doesn't have to just include animals, it could simply be a beautiful plant or flower or even a landscape that you see when out on your daily walks.... I can't wait to see your attempts.  

Please email all photos to Mrs Haslam at


Looking forward to this one. 

Mrs Haslam 


Mrs Haslam’s photo attempts... I’m no Mr Waud 🤦🏻‍♀️

Science Week 2: Enquiry Type - Fair Test





Carry out a fair test to explore what makes the spinner fall most accurately. Make a paper spinner

and drop it from a height above the target. Does it land in the centre every time?

Make sure to only change one thing at a time so that you can say what improved the spinner.  Eg.

The height dropped, number of wings, number of paperclips, size of paper, type of spinner.





I look forward to seeing your attempts - photos are brilliant as I can share these really easily.  


Have fun, keep investigating. 


Mrs Haslam 

Amber in class one had great fun with her family with the spinners.

Will has written up his investigation brilliantly

Science Week 1: Enquiry Type - Pattern Seeking




Take measurements of the people in your house to try and answer the question

above. You might measure in centimeters or in the number of pencils long. Once you

have measured someone’s outstretched arms and their height compare the


How about other body parts eg. Foot length and height, Foot and forearm, Hand and

Leg length etc.



Will learnt lots of Science and how to use Excel and Work doing this challenge. He’s also doing well with his sunflower... Seedy..


Megan and amber had fun with the family investigating... presented in a fantastic PowerPoint

Amber in Class 1 had a difficult job measuring Daddy’s long arms!

Mrs Haslam’s Family Science


We had a go at the Science challenge today, the boys found that the height was usually greater than the arm span but not by much! We also looked at how our forearm💪🏻 is the same size as our foot🦶!!! 

Holly getting data via zoom

Lyla's experiment

Jamie’s Experiment and sunflower planting