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    Tealby school's governing body is focused on providing challenge and support to the school’s management, as a critical friend and supporting guide.


    We do this through a mixture of formal meetings twice a term, school visits and discussions with relevant members of the school team.


    We aim to be highly effective, agile, challenging, open & transparent and supportive in our role, but also to keep things simple remembering the small school setting we work within.


Our Priorities


Like all governing bodies and as required by the government, our role is a strategic one. 


Our key priorities:


  1. To Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

  2. Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils

  3. Oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent.


Our work


Our work is focused around two meetings each term.


  • Each term we meet with school management to discuss “education & learning”. This meeting is designed to review and monitor the intent, implementation and impact of the curriculum, including SEND, safeguarding and other matters relating to how the school delivers education. This meeting is chaired by Rebecca Blackwood.


  • At the end of the term we meet with school management to discuss “school business”. This meeting is designed to review the school finances, premises, health & safety, staff wellbeing, performance management and other matters relating to how the school operates. This meeting is chaired by Rebecca Blackwood.


These meetings are flexible and can cover important matters from across both agendas if required.


In addition to these meetings, sub- committees cover matters such as safeguarding and employment and each governor has a key focus on one area of school life. These can have a business or curriculum focus and may involve one to one meetings with members of the school team as well as school visits. 


Governors are also encouraged to attend school events such as Sports Day, Leavers Assembly and Nativity.



Each year we publish an annual governance statement that outlines the work we have undertaken in the academic year.


2021 Governance statement <<link - to follow>>


Our Governors


Our governors are appointed as either co-opted, parent, local authority or staff members.


The governing body re-constituted with effect from 01/10/2014 and the instrument of government states that the governing body shall consist of:


  • 2 Parent governors (appointed by the parental community)

  • 1 Local authority governor (appointed by the local authority)

  • 1 Staff governor (appointed by a ballot of the staff)

  • 1 Headteacher

  • 4 Co-opted governors (appointed by the governing body based on a skills audit.)




We currently have a vacancy for a parent governor. If you would like to learn more please contact Charlotte Wright, Clerk, to arrange an initial telephone conversation with the Chair.


To learn more about our governors we have asked each to provide a short pen portrait.


Rebecca Blackwood (Co-opted) Chair

Peter Dixon (Parent) Vice chair

Emma Beechey (Parent)

Victoria Lunn (Co-opted)

Zoe Humberstone (Headteacher)

Mandy Carter (Staff)


Each governor on the team signs up to the schools code of conduct which can be accessed here. <<link to PDF>> 



Our schools finances


One of the key roles of any governing body is to approve the annual school budget and five year forecast and then monitor it.


The infographic summarises the schools financial performance over the last reported financial year.




For a more detailed view of the schools financial position please visit the DfE “schools financial benchmarking” service.


Each year we receive funds via pupil premium and sports premium programmes. We monitor what these funds are spent on and their effectiveness. More information on these can be found via the Key Information menu or by clicking the links below:


Pupil Premium <<link to PP page>>


PE & Sports Premium <<link to PE and Sports page>>



Final word


We hope that you have found all of the information you needed here. If you have got any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via Charlotte Wright 


Governor recruitment


Following an interim review of governance the school governing body has decided to increase the number of school governors. As a result, we are now recruiting a new parent governor to join the team. 

Whilst the current pandemic is providing a challenging environment, the school is in the early stages of what we believe will be an exciting journey and this is a great opportunity to help shape the school strategy and agenda moving forward.

For a pre-application conversation about the role, the school and time commitment required, please contact Charlotte Wright who will arrange a meeting with one of our current governors.



We are required to provide statutory information about our governing body, which can be found here.


The current chair of the governing body is Mrs Rebecca Blackwood

Tealby School Governors

Governing Body Information