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Frozen Kingdom


We are a team of researchers who have a wide range of skills and expertise (necessary to survive in extreme weather conditions). 

We carry out lots of research on weather conditions, climate change, adaptation and survival of animals in this part of the world.


Sometimes, we are called upon to help stranded ships/explorers who have found themselves in difficulties.


Earlier today, we received the above urgent memo...


We have 12 hours to carry out our rescue mission, after which it is estimated the ship will become submerged and possibly lives lost!


Each hour will be represented by one week.


We have lots of research to carry out before we will be ready for action.


Here we go...



 Before we could get to work, we had to set the classroom out to represent our setting.

This is Ice Station 54: Deception Island, South Shetland.



This is what Henry thought the Rescue ship might look like.


Understanding Icebergs






Measuring and Calculating the Ice Station's Perimeter (m & cm)






Our Class Poem

Still image for this video
The Northern lights

This week we have moved further into our learning journey’s story.

We have found out why the Cruise liner ‘Sub Zero’ came to be in the icy waters near our Ice Station 54.


We discovered that the story began with two explorers, who had a disagreement and parted ways. One got into difficulties and was spotted by the holiday cruise liner (Sub-Zero). When the ship tried to come nearer the problems began…

Bringing us back to the SOS memo we received a couple of ‘hours’ ago.


We now have to make some important decisions. We need to decide which experts in our team will be going to help and exactly what they will need to do.

WHITE FANG. Characterisation - bringing characters in text to life...