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We are taking part in the Fiver Challenge during the month of June! The children have been given £5.00 to start their own business in a small group. This will enable children to practise skills such as problem solving, decision making and evaluating risk, whilst promoting a positive attitude. At the end of the experience, the children will pay back the £5.00 and donate 50p to charity. The rest of the money that children make will be profit for Class Two!


These are the businesses that the children have created:


The super cake bakers

We will make super cakes for everyone!

(We will sell them for 50p each per cake pop)

We enjoyed making cake pops, meeting new customers, selling the cake pops and making money. We support each other by helping each other, lending each other a hand by decorating cakes and adding up money to work as a big team.

If we did it again, we would be able to make more cake pops, we could put more sprinkles on!

By Hannah Isabelle Amy Charlotte


The Fire Beads

We will make the prettiest necklaces and bracelets that you can buy!

The bracelets and the necklaces are 50p each.

Come and buy lots of them for you, your friends and your family.

We enjoyed making and selling the loom bands with our friends [they were amazing]. We also enjoyed seeing all the people we worked with as a team, because we help people choose and buy their loom bands! If we did it again we would make more loom bands because they were very popular!

By Rosie, Phoebe, Daisy and Imogen



We can wash your dirty car and make it very shiny. We will make your car as clean as we can and it will look amazing!

We charge £2.00 per car. We are looking forward to seeing you in your car!

We definitely enjoyed cleaning the cars, especially the badge of a Mercedes! We worked as a team by making it very shiny and helping each other find dirt.

If we did it again we would need some micro fibre cloths to make sure that when the water is dry it dos not leave marks!

By Harvey Daniel Shea and Oliver


The Amazing Oranges



We sell orange juice and cakes so come to us.

The cakes a called Rice Crispy cakes and the orange juice is home made.

They will be 50p each!

We liked making rice crispy cakes and the orange juice because we liked pouring the yummy chocolate into the bowl and sqeezing the orange juice until it was dry! We worked as a team when we all had to do different jobs at the same time. We also had to work together to make decisions and get it done. If we did it again, we would make more cakes and drinks because the demand was so high. 

By Nina, Harmony, Lilly and Madeline


The super cute teddies

Please can you donate as many old teddies as you can to us! We will dress them up and sell them to new homes for £1.00 each.

We will sell big, medium and small teddies and they will be very cute teddies if you buy them they will be yours for ever.

Please do this because we will be donating to charity at the end of our project!

As a group we loved selling our teddies to new owners, and we liked setting up our enterprise business. We all helped each other clean and make them look neat and even cuter. The skills we learnt included helping and supporting each other. If we did it again we would wash the teddies using a washing machine!

By Noah S and Henry and Joshua and Monty


The art frogs


We are the Art Frogs and we will blow your socks off with our mindboggling cards and drawing. We can draw whatever you want (and we even do self-portraits.) We can also make birthday cards and Easter cards as well as valentine cards, mother’s day cards, Christmas cards and even father’s day cards!!!!!

From this experience, we enjoyed drawing our pictures for the sale the most! This is because we liked drawing all the different images of animals, houses and cities. All upon requests! We also enjoyed working as a team to make fantastic drawings. We tried are best when we worked together because we are good friends and we wanted to show that. We improved our skill of drawing better pictures and of course got even better at selling and convincing people to come and buy our pictures!

If we did it again we would add more detail to our pictures for them to be better quality!

By Oscar,Ben ,Charlie, George and Freddie.