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Class 1

After receiving a letter from The Tealby Fairies saying they were concerned about their house flooding Class 1 decided to build them some boats. 

We looked at different types of boats, what they look like and what they are used for. We considered the materials needed to make our own boat and which materials sink/float and are waterproof. We then used all of this knowledge when creating our designs. 

Finally, the children worked in small groups to build their boats. But of course we had to test them to make sure they were safe for the fairies. Here are some photos from our boat testing trip to the ford! 

The children loved working on their junk model fairy playgrounds! 

Here are some of our teams presenting their models to their friends ❤️



Class 1 received a very special message yesterday… The Tealby Fairies had left us a note and a map, we followed the map to find a picture of The Tealby Fairies! 🧚‍♀️

We then worked in teams to create maps of our classrooms to show the fairies 🗺️




Gruffalo Talk 4 Writing

Still image for this video

We have been creating a Talk 4 Writing sequence on The Gruffalo, designing our own ‘Gruffalo’ and writing a description!




⭐️ Exciting news ⭐️

Today Class One received a response to the letter they wrote to Sir David Attenborough!!

The children (and adults…) were VERY excited to open their very own handwritten letter from the man himself! 

All of our Class One children have their very own copy of the letter to treasure… perhaps some of our children may take on the challenge over summer of writing to WWF UK? 🌍 

Well done Class One for writing such a beautiful letter and using initiative to find out more ❤️


Celebration of Learning

Lincolnshire show trip 2023

We had a brilliant Indian food tasting session. The children tried various Indian foods before describing them using each of their 5 senses.








In Science/Understanding the World we have been naming different body parts. We have also identified which body parts link to each of our 5 senses. 

We went on a senses hunt in our outdoor area before drawing and labelling our friends! 




Making diva lamps

A visit from Tealby School’s chicks



Celebration of Learning


Class 1 shared their knowledge and enthusiasm with our Year 6 pupils. The children showcased their learning in both their exercise books and our project book. They showed their friends a variety of old toys before showing off the toys they’d made themselves. Finally, they presented their Lost in the Toy Museum story map. 



We have been working hard to design and create our own moving toy car. We’ve been inspired by traditional toys from the past! 



Class One explored a variety of old toys this afternoon. Some were replicas of traditional toys and others belonged to Miss Brown as a child. 

The children loved asking questions about the different toys and finding out about how they worked. 

They then looked at old photographs tans identified who they thought was in them and different toys they could see!




We have been working hard learning our class story map! We started by sequencing the story, summarising it, creating a story map, adding actions and finally we’re rehearsing and performing it! 

Stay tuned for the amazing writing that’s to come… 








Independent writing

Still image for this video
We love celebrating independent work and fabulous writing in Class One! Here is one of our Year One pupils showcasing his excellent work in our Celebration Assembly.

Victorian Day

We had a fabulous Victorian Day. We had a class full of chimney sweeps, maids and Victorian children. 

We worked together to make cheese and cucumber sandwiches and homemade lemonade for our Victorian tea party. It was delicious! 



Some of our Class 1 children created their own puppets on the choosing table. They then put on a puppet show! This was completely independent and led by the children.  

The children created a puppet show about Queen Victoria her dogs and a maid (with the added threat of a crocodile!) 




We have been learning about William Morris, the famous musician, poet and print designer! 

We had a go at creating our very own floral print, inspired by Morris’ floral designs. 

We used polystyrene blocks to create our design before rolling in acrylic paint and printing. Don’t they look fab! 


As part of our project we have been learning about The Victorians and how the Victorian era began when Queen Victoria came to the throne. We looked at Queen Victoria’s family tree and used this to inspire our own! 





Spring 2 Curriculum Newsletter and Knowledge Organiser

We have been working hard on our moving storybooks in DT.


We created and attached each component ourselves! 





We received an email from Pirate Pete yesterday. He needed help finding his crew mate! 

Year 1 were very proactive and used a globe, landmark photographs and atlases to help them work out which country he was in! 

Finally, we used the picture from the email and a world map to help us narrow it down. He must be in France.




Some of you may have spotted our wanted posters around the playground.

We have been trying to locate the pirate we saw when we floated on a cloud over the ocean… Pirate Pete got in touch saying it was him. Since then we’ve had a variety of messages from him. We’re sure there’ll be more to come! 





We have been making pirate hats just like Pirate Pete’s! 


Class 1 enjoyed our Outdoor Learning day. We learned how to safely use garden tools, how and why to water plants and how and why to remove weeds.



They also had the opportunity to create a conker necklace or leaf man following our outdoor learning session before half term. 





We then showed great teamwork and perseverance when clearing up our outdoor area. 




Autumn 2 Curriculum newsletter and knowledge organiser


This week the children have really enjoyed an outdoor learning session! We made conker necklaces and leaf people. 

Whilst outside in our outdoor classroom we discussed the changing colour of leaves, seasons and weather. 





We conducted some very important geographical research around Tealby this week.


Our task was set by Martin, a hot air balloon pilot, who’d like to know if Tealby could be a safe place for his hot air balloon to land! 




We have started our 'Our wonderful World' project by learning all about different kinds of weather and when these weather conditions occur. 


We carried out a Science investigation to investigate which material would keep our person the driest in a rainstorm. The children worked together in groups to build shelters before we tested them out. Our results showed that plastic was the most effective! 






Autumn term 1 curriculum newsletter and knowledge organiser

Lincolnshire Show School’s Challenge


Class One have had an amazing time at the Lincolnshire Show! We saw animals, watched the RAF Falcons land their parachutes, milked plastic cows and much more! 


We are proud to announce that we earned Third place, a tremendous achievement for Tealby School's first year entering the School's Challenge!





Class One have had a busy week… we’ve made seed balls, made and hung up bird feeders, practised our Lincolnshire Show presentation and searched for mole holes!

We’d like to thank some of our wonderful governors who joined Mrs Humberstone for a sneak preview of our presentation yesterday… it was great to have such an enthusiastic audience!

The children loved showing off our outdoor area and showcasing all of the improvements they’ve made!








Summer term 2 Curriculum Newsletter and Knowledge Organiser

We had a very special visitor to end our Habitat Haven half term… one of our school governors, Mrs Blackwood. 

The children asked her some questions about different herbs she had donated to our miniature show garden. Mrs Blackwood then showed children how to separate the plants so they can grow their own roots. Finally, the children got to taste some amazing herbs including chocolate mint! 

Thank you Mrs Blackwood for joining us and sharing your expertise with us! 




We had lots of fun celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on Friday! 

The Reception children have been researching bees and writing down their favourite facts. 

Our bee artwork and facts will be displayed at our Lincolnshire Show stand! 

Did you know that bees can’t see the colour red? 



We have started to get excited about the Lincolnshire Show!


We’ve been using our temporary woodwork station to prepare wood to make bird feeders and big hotels. 

This week we used sand paper, palm drills, hammers and nails! 





Class One have had a busy week of research.


We’ve been researching different habitats at Claxby Farm with Farmer Andrew. We learned all about different wildlife, where they live and what they eat!

Did you know that badgers eat hedgehogs?! 






We then went on a walk around Tealby to see how many habitats we could spot. We found lots of different animal homes! 




We’ve had a busy week of gardening activities as we try to create a wonderful habitat for nature in our garden area. The children worked together to problem solve and were thrilled to see our seeds growing! 

We have also been checking our cress growing experiment to discover what plants need to grow. 

We have been growing cress in different environments as an experiment to see where it would be most successful. The children have made their predictions about the best growing location in our classroom. We are looking forward to seeing our results!

Class 1 have thrown themselves into our Habitat Haven project! They have loved planting seeds and bulbs to brighten up our outdoor area and use in our Lincolnshire Show mini garden. 

We are already beginning to see some results! 




The children have been exploring volume and capacity in maths.


We poured out a fairy potion using different measurements and containers. 


On Monday we had a very special visitor in Class 1... Mrs Moscrop, who used to attend Tealby School as a little girl, visited us to tell us all about her experience at Tealby School! 

We found out that our school has changed quite a bit since then, we have indoor toilets for a start (phew) and Class 1 used to be the school kitchen! 

The children asked lots of brilliant questions and listened intently, showing great respect, one of our core values. 

If you ask your children what they learned from Mrs Moscrop I wonder what they'd tell you? 



After an exciting Science Week the children had lots of fun on the school field. Class 3 children organised an obstacle course for the whole school and explained each activity to the younger ones. 







The children have been working hard on their challenge from the Historical Association to discover how school life has changed over the years. They’ve written some fantastic letters to residents at a local care home.

They’ve also been learning all about The Suffragettes and finding out first hand what it’s like when girls and boys weren’t treated equally! 

Today we celebrated World Book Day, the children all looked amazing dressed as their favourite book characters. They enjoyed sharing their books with their Class 3 reading buddies. 


We received a letter and some very old photographs of Tealby buildings from the Historical Society. The children were asked to decide where the buildings were. We had fun exploring the village to identify all the old buildings. We noticed how some of them have changed over the years and some are still very much the same. 


This week the children were all very excited to see the time machine had arrived back in our role play area! We discovered a letter inside from the Historical Society, it explained our roleplay area had been changed into a house from the 1900’s. We were challenged with exploring how it was different our houses. The children had lots of fun playing and sorting pictures from the past and present. 



A talk from a real nurse… 


One of our Class 1 parents kindly offered to speak with our Class and tell us what it’s like to be a nurse. 

The children asked great questions such as 

- How do you make people better?

- Do you write people’s names down so you know who they are?

- How do you know what happened and where it hurts?

- How did you become a nurse?


Florence Nightingale drama piece


Class 1 have been working in small groups to create a drama piece about Florence Nightingale. They showed Florence Nightingale teaching other nurses the importance of cleanliness to prevent germs. 

The children showed excellent teamwork, listening skills and understanding of our project. 



Researching Florence Nightingale

Who is Florence Nightingale? 

Our time machine returned and transformed our role play into a hospital. Our task was to find out who Florence Nightingale was, why she was important and how she showed determination. 

Class One's first work meeting...


Class 1 had a very important job this afternoon. They had a meeting with a real life dinosaur expert!

We showed the palaeontologist the fossils we found, along with the posters and maps we’d made. We explained how we came to the conclusion that they were from a T-Rex and our dinosaur expert believes we may be right! 

Today we received a special letter from some palaeontologists asking us to research the dinosaur that was in our outdoor area.

We used books, information sheets, observations of the remains and search engines to compare different fossils.

Our extensive research indicates that the fossils found last week are that of a T-Rex!






Back with a bang!

Class 1 returned from lunch to find a Time Machine in the classroom! The classroom had been taken back to a Jurassic World.

Inside the time machine we found a note from an Archeological Society who believe dinosaurs may have roamed Tealby School!

So we grabbed our tools and went to investigate… you’ll never believe what we found! Dinisaur bones and fossils!

A blast from the past!

Curriculum Newsletter and Knowledge Organiser Spring 1

Our Exciting Learning! 

The land at the top of our Fraway Tree has changed... it is now The Land of Amazing Animals! We have had great fun exploring the land and identifying which animals live there. 


Our Year 1 children have tried to separate the animals into carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. They've done a great job! 

Enchanted Woodland 

Autumn 2


This half term the children's Enchanted Woodland project continues, this time surrounding our Class book 'The Magic Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton. We have been immersed in the adventures of Joe, Beth and Frannie and even have our very own Faraway Tree in the classroom! Our role play area has been transformed into different lands at the top of our tree, starting with 'The Land of Treats'. 


We received a letter from Joe, Beth and Frannie asking us to design and make a new biscuit for the Land of Treats bakery. We began by taste testing different biscuits to decide which flavours to use before designing our biscuit and making it. Finally, we evaluated our biscuits and thought about ways we could improve them next time. 

Enchanted Woodland

Autumn 1

During our Enchanted Woodland topic the children have been community helpers, helping The Tealby Fairies along with the wider Tealby community. 

The Tealby Fairies unfortunately experienced a flood so Class 1 sprang into action and created a flood defence. They then went one step further, building boats for the fairies to escape in! 


One morning our children received a not from the fairies saying they were stuck in their home and couldn't open the door. Class 1 went to see what had happened and found they were trapped in their home because someone had thrown litter on the floor... it was blocking the door! Class 1 took charge and decided to go on a community litter pick. They did a fantastic job and the fairies were very pleased with their hard work.