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5.5.2023 Snapchat AI Bot

Snapchat - AI Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence has been around for years, but in the last 6 months or so it has taken on a whole new dimension. Everyone is talking about ChatGPT, but that's one very small example compared to what is out there now. Imagine this: get ChatGPT to create a storyline script based on a character - create the visual character in OpenAI - input the visual character into one of the Video AI platforms along with the script. You've just created a whole video with a semi-lifelike character in 30 minutes or less. It's extraordinary, exciting, but concerning at the same time.

All the big companies are either implementing or starting to implement AI into their services now, and this includes Snapchat who a fortnight ago introduced their AI Chatbot. For companies, this is all about engagement, in other words keeping people in the app. However, as much as AI can be used for good, there is always a negative side too with the bot responding and giving wholly inappropriate advice to questions that are being asked, even when you tell the bot how old you are. To combat this Snap have stated that they will introduce filters and Family Center parental controls to help. In other words, once again, safety is an afterthought.

AI is here now and it is here to stay, it is growing very quickly, faster than I have ever seen before, so this is an area that we need to start discussing with children and young people, both the positives and the negatives. To read a little more about the AI chatbot on Snapchat see HERE.