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An interview with Mary Anning


Mary Anning is a famous palaeontologist and the children's job was to work in partners; one being Mary Anning and one being the interviewer. They both had 30 minutes to research as much as they could about Mary Anning and then conduct the interview. The children did really well and loved this task.




Bringing dinosaurs into data analysis!


In maths this week, the Year 3's are focusing on statistics and data gathering. To start our lesson off, the children collected a tally chart of data on the question 'what is your favourite dinosaur?'


Then later on this week the children will create lots of different ways to present this data to people e.g pictograms and different types of graphs. We will also be looking at analysis of the data and answering targeted questions towards statistics too. Stay tuned!


Even more amazingness from Class 2!

Even more amazingness from Class 2!  1
Even more amazingness from Class 2!  2
Even more amazingness from Class 2!  3
Even more amazingness from Class 2!  4

Some more fabulous examples of our narrative writing 





We are amazing writers!








For a few weeks, our English genre has been narrative writing using the story Katie and the dinosaurs. The story is al about a girl who goes to the natural history museum with her grandma and finds real dinosaurs through a hidden door.


the children have looked at planning their story out thinking of main characters and setting and an overview of the story.


We then took each part of the story in turn eventually writing our introduction, our action/development, our climax scene and our resolution. Finally, the children did a BIG WRITE which is where they write e story all by themselves focus img on full stops, capital letters, finger spaces, connectives, adjectives, adverbs, joined up writing, contracted forms, suffixes and common exception words. Just look at our amazing writing! Very proud.




End of term treat

After all the children's hard work this term, they voted for a nice, relaxing film afternoon for their end of term treat! The children were allowed to bring their beanbags and chairs in from home and we had such a wonderful afternoon watching 'Pete's Dragon' with popcorn and drinks.


Thank you Class 2 for being the greatest class ever!



Dinosaur museum


The children have been really busy for the past few weeks creating their very own dinosaur museum. The first thing we had to do was to come up with job roles for everyone. We had construction workers, artists, researchers, gift shop people and front of house staff who all had a very important role to play. 


Then the groups had to gather together and decide on everything they were going to build, make, create, organise and do for their section of the museum and the results were astounding! The children even had a chance to show some of Class 1 and 3 around their museum too. Well done Class 2!




We are also Scientists!


On top of all our dinosaur related work, we have been very busy with science this term; doing lots of experiments and testing lots of different things.


One experiment we completed was water transportation in plants and the way temperature affects this.

The children had celery in food colouring and had to place the celery in a cold environment, a room temperature environment and a hot environment and observe changes throughout the day.


The children noted that the plant in the cold temperature did not have a lot of colour change in it's leaves, the room temperature one having a few change of colour spots and the hot one having more changes but actually dying as a result of the too hot temperature. The children concluded from this experiment that plants need a warm but not too hot temperature to grow and transport water effectively. 




Not only that, we have done lots of other scientific work too like researching all about fossils and how they are created, looking at light and testing different materials for their reflectiveness and a fantastic science day by Lab Rascals where the children learnt all about solids, liquids and gases in lots of cool experiments!

The Artists of Class 2

What fabulous artists and creative people we have in class 2! The children have created many pieces of art work this term like their very own dinosaurs in a medium of their choice and creating shadow dinosaur pictures in the style of Roy Henry Vickers! Very proud of you all.


Thank you to Mrs Carter, our chief artist and creative person for helping and inspiring the children with their great art work :)


We are Paleontologists!


When the children arrived back to school after half term, they noticed some changes to their classroom! Their new topic was going to be all about dinosaurs and being paleonologists. These are people who study fossils of ancient creatures.



Not only that, when they stepped into the classroom their was a footprint on the floor!


And a letter from someone very interesting!

Class 2

Tealby School

Front Street

Market Rasen

Ln8 3xu




Dear Children of Class 2,


Did you see it? I don’t know where it went but it was definitely here at one point. I’ve been chasing it for a long time but can’t seem to track it down.


You don’t know what I’m talking about do you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas Anning. I am Mary Anning’s great, great grandson and I am trying to follow in her footsteps to be the greatest palaeontologist of all time!


Would you like to be a palaeontologist too?


Now I must get back to work in finding that dinosaur. He must be around here somewhere.


With many thanks,


Thomas Anning


The children had lots of questions about this letter and set to work straight away to research who Mary Anning was, what a Paleontologist is and how they can possibly help!






Sunny side Farm


What a wonderful trip we had to Sunnyside farm last week! We looked at all the animals on their farm and learnt some interesting facts. We then got the chance to learn how sausages were made and even got the chance to make some sausages that were going to be sold in the farm shop. The children also made some burgers too. After all their hard work, they got the chance to have a drink and a flapjack. Thank you very much to Sunnyside farm for welcoming us! 




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World Book Day


A big well done to all the children at Tealby School for celebrating World Book Day. The costumes in Class 2 were particularly impressive with examples from 'The Cat in the Hat' to the 'Gruffolo" which shows the amazing reading that goes on in our classroom. The children took part in numerous activities during the day such as listening to teachers talking about their favourite books and reading them extracts from them to a fabulous World Book day quiz in the afternoon! Such a wonderful day! 

World Book day 2017

World Book day 2017 1
World Book day 2017 2
World Book day 2017 3
World Book day 2017 4

Tractor to School 


Thank you very much to the tractor to school team who allowed our children to come and see one of their fabulous tractors and learn all about what they do! They looked at different types of grains that are harvested and even had the chance to sit in the tractor as well! 

Tractor to school

Tractor to school 1
Tractor to school 2
Tractor to school 3
Last week, the children created some fantastic recounts of our bread making experience with Andy Black. The children worked on their targets and completely blew me away with the quality of their writing! 

We are proud of our writing!

We are proud of our writing!  1

What a fabulous morning the children had with Andy Black who very kindly came in to show the children how to bake bread! Firstly, he gave the children some very interesting facts about bread such as it has been eaten for over 10,000 years. Then, he demonstrated how to make the bread. (I had a go at demonstrating too!) The children learnt how to knead the bread to make it rise as much as possible and worked in teams to measure the ingredients out. 

Finally, after all their hard work the bread was ready to eat. They had a sample in class with jam and butter and also took home a slice too. Thank you very much Andy Black. From all the children and all the adults in the room, your bread is yummy! 

Bread baking with Andy Black

Bread baking with Andy Black  1
Bread baking with Andy Black  2
Bread baking with Andy Black  3
Bread baking with Andy Black  4
Bread baking with Andy Black  5
Bread baking with Andy Black  6
Bread baking with Andy Black  7
Bread baking with Andy Black  8

What a wonderful time the children had at Tesco in Market Rasen at their fabulous Farm to Fork event! First of all, the children saw where all the food was stored and even visited the chiller and the freezer.  Very cold! 


After that, they were allowed to go on the shop floor and visit some of the counters. We first sampled the cheese counter, trying lots of different kinds of cheese. We then had a very interesting talk at the fish counter where we learnt about lots of different types of fish and even got to hold a mackerel. The children described it as squishy and stiff and slimy. 


Next, we investigated the fruit and vegetable area to find out where all of our food comes from. We found out lots of interesting facts like parsnips come from the UK! 


Finally the children got to make a lovely fruit kebab and then had a very interesting Q and A with the manager of the store asking some very interesting questions like, "How much does the store make in a day?" and "What do you do with out of date food?"


 Thank you very much Tesco. The children had a wonderful time and have learnt lots. 


Tesco Farm to Fork event

Tesco Farm to Fork event 1
Tesco Farm to Fork event 2
Tesco Farm to Fork event 3
Tesco Farm to Fork event 4
Tesco Farm to Fork event 5
Tesco Farm to Fork event 6
Tesco Farm to Fork event 7
This week, the children had a visit from Farm Kitchen who supply the children's hot lunches. It was a fantastic morning and the children were really excited to learn where their dinners come from, what sort of foods go into making their dinners and were able to sample lots of wonderful delights. The children learnt how to make minty yogurt dip and a green smoothie, which they then tasted! Thank you very much Farm Kitchen! 

Farm Kitchen experience morning

Farm Kitchen experience morning 1
Farm Kitchen experience morning 2
Farm Kitchen experience morning 3
Farm Kitchen experience morning 4
Farm Kitchen experience morning 5
Farm Kitchen experience morning 6
Farm Kitchen experience morning 7
Farm Kitchen experience morning 8

The focus this week for our writing was recipes. The children analysed the features of recipes by comparing good examples with bad examples. They then conducted a survey of the school about what ingredient children thought they should put into their cookies. The chosen favourite was chocolate chip! So, the children followed a recipe and made chocolate chip cookies today to sell and raise money for their enterprise. Finally, after baking their delicious cookies they produced fantastic examples of 'How to make chocolate chip cookies'. They really wanted to impress their teacher today and used numbered steps, adverbs, imperative verbs and openers to make their writing super! Well done Class 2.


The children received an email from Jamie Oliver, our client for this term, to say that he has fired his entire staff! They could not listen to his instructions. He had heard that we could listen really well to instructions so decided to hire us. We chose our roles like chefs, waitresses and cleaners and then set up our classroom exactly like we wanted our restaurant to look like. The chefs built their stoves, the cleaners made their our equipment and sorted out the money in their cafe. The children also created their own name badges and job roles.



 The children created plasticine food models during our art and DT session today. They planned it first and used an iPad to help them. Look at our wonderful creations!



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